What Are The Benefits Of Electronic Hearing Protection?

electronic hearing protectionTechnological advancement in the hunting industry has thrown up many useful devices, one of which is the electronic hearing protection device. These are chiefly used in hunting and at the shooting range. Though highly advanced, they are priced affordably.

These devices are similar to stereo headphones but are specifically designed to protect the ears from long-term damage caused by very loud noise. With the help of electronics that reduce noise volumes that cause damage, they reduce noise levels. These helpful devices protect workers in factories, construction sites and miners where loud noises are inevitable. This also includes gun shooters.

Features of electronic hearing protection devices

The big reason to choose electronic ear muffs is that not only does it provide hearing protection, but the battery-powered parts of these muffs that include speakers, microphones and amplifiers, collate, amplify and send low volume sounds to the earpiece.

Low cost muffs usually come with just one or two microphones and a basic amplifier that shuts off loud sounds. The quality of muffs not being good enough, it is difficult for the user of low cost muffs to tell which direction the sound comes from. However, high end models with premium technology allow for the constant flow of low sounds while also blocking out dangerous sounds. They have a battery life of 500 hours.

They also have several microphones and speakers that easily tell the direction and distance of the noise or sound. These are the best electronic ear muffs in the market today. You can choose from a variety of them: Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold, Honeywell Howard Leight Impact Sport Sound and Honeywell Howard Leight Impact Pro Sound.

Benefits of electronic hearing protection

Hearing protection is technically designed to assure you of better sound quality, right in your ears. They use the most advanced technology that ensures that they perform the kind of work they are to do with perfection. These days, electronic hearing protection devices are freely available and are easy to wear and maintain, since they stay well in the ear without falling off.

Here are some of their benefits that make them most sought-after:

Advanced amplifier technology: The advanced amplifier technology of latter-day electronic hearing protection devices provide good sound compression. This feature is very important to shooters as they can hear any other sound from the environment, irrespective of its decibel level. But when there’s an unusually loud sound around the shooter, the decibel level is blocked by compressing it to a low volume, instead of cutting it off entirely.

Keep devices on when speaking to others: Electronic hearing devices do not allow the user to pull them off when speaking to someone. This is a wise step, particularly if the user takes off his devices and someone next to him shoots unexpectedly.

Several microphones: The latest devices feature several microphones on each muff, making it easier to identify the direction of the sound–a very helpful tool for hunters. These muffs are powered by AAA batteries which are commonly sold and last for many days before they can be replaced. They also offer 9x hearing improvement, and have four hi-gain omni-directional microphones, two autonomous volume controls, and sound dampening composite material.

Insulates your ears: Electronic hearing protection insulates your ears. The microphones in these devices pick up the smallest sounds and amplify them so that you hear everything happening around you clearly. It also filters out loud sounds like gun shots.

The user hears more than before: Electronic hearing protection helps the user hear much more than before of things happening around him. This includes hearing range commands, feedback, explanations of concepts, required cues for good communication from the instructor.

User’s hearing is protected: Electronic hearing protection devices come with standard ear cups and sound-absorbing foam. This is beneficial to the user, as it the battery dies, the shooter will still be able to hear and his hearing will remain protected.

Bluetooth connection: These electronic hearing devices have an integrated Bluetooth connection so that shooters can answer phone calls without removing their headphones. They can, therefore, always remain connected to the outside world while fulfilling their passion of shooting.

Listen to music: These earmuffs have an independent volume control, allowing shooters to listen to music without worrying about missing range commands. The speakers in these earmuffs are of Bose speaker quality, so the sound quality says a lot.


There are many advancements in sound quality of earmuffs these days, so you can find very slim electronic muffs which offer users the very best hearing protection. However, there are users who complain that electronic ear muffs are blocky, especially when one wants to place a gun stock on the cheek. Usually, a large number of full-featured ear muffs are larger in size and this could make it inconvenient to store them.

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