Best Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones 2019

We live in a noisy world and that’s an inescapable truth. But while, we, adults, are used to hearing all sorts of loud sounds, babies and very young children aren’t. Their tender ears and brain are still developing and aren’t ready to take on very loud sound. As such, it is important that kids are protected from unwanted noise during these crucial years. The best baby noise cancelling headphones are what you need to keep your baby protected.

5 Benefits of Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones

Baby noise cancelling headphones surely can benefit your child in many ways. Unless you can invest on soundproofing your home, the use of noise reducing headphones can be your alternative to giving your kid some quiet time. Here are some good reasons why your baby needs noise cancelling headphones.

2. Minimize stress due to noise

Loud, sudden noise can make very young kids feel uneasy and anxious. Earmuffs can reduce the exposure of kids to these loud sounds thus preventing undue stress. It filters out the effect of noise that could otherwise upset kids.

2. Protects your baby’s developing ears

As parents, we do our best to protect our kids from all sorts of harm – mosquito bites, room hazards, scalding, burns, and many more. But we often fail to recognize that noise could also harm our babies. The first few months after birth are crucial as the baby’s ear canals are still developing. These delicate auditory tissues are very sensitive to noise and susceptible to hearing damage. Compared to adults, very young children has a low threshold to noise and can perceive to as little as 20 decibels. Exposing kids to very loud sounds can result in irreversible damage – effects of which can only show up later in life.

3. Gives your baby’s ears a break

Exposing your baby to too much stimulation can harm your baby, especially those with developmental conditions such as ADHD and Autism. The use of best baby noise cancelling headphones gives your kid much needed sensory break.

4. Ensures a sound sleep

As mentioned above, babies are extra sensitive to noise. They can get startled during the middle of their sleep. With the use of a baby noise cancelling headphone, you can give your kid a good night’s rest without ever worrying about distractions.

5. Helps increase focus

With too much noise in the background, children can get easily distracted. Most of the time, they find a hard time focusing because of the sounds around them. A pair of earmuffs can help them focus on important sounds while cancelling other unnecessary noise. It surely helps when your baby is already a little older and needs to focus on tasks.

Here’s a quick comparison table:

ProductWeightNRRCheck Price
best baby noise cancelling headphones190 grams31 dBCheck Price
best baby noise cancelling headphones12 ounces29 dBCheck Price
Em's 4 Bubs Hearing Protection5.6 ounces25 dBCheck Price
Little Llama Ear Muffs for Babies6.4 ounces28.7 dB Check Price
Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs9.9 ounces25 dBCheck Price
Baby Banz Earmuffs and Infant Hearing Protection8 ounces31 dBCheck Price
Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection190 grams31 dBCheck Price

7 Great Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones

These five benefits are enough reasons for you to consider buying your kid the best baby noise cancelling headphones. Here let’s take a look at some of noise reducing headphones.

Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff

best baby noise cancelling headphones This earmuff is among the top picks when it comes to baby hearing protection. It is available in two colors, pink and blue, and is made of high-quality plastic material. It is especially made for babies up to 2 years old and guarantees the best noise cancellation. The earmuffs are washable by hands and get a category 4 rating in terms of ear protection. That simply means, it can protect your kid’s ear from almost any harmful noise.

The small size of these earmuffs allows it to slip into your bag for easy carriage. It is perfect for small babies, as it won’t put added strain on their heads and necks. The cups of the muffs are cushioned for added comfort. There’s nothing you can complain about this earmuff except for its one-size-fits-all design, which could be a problem for very small kids.

Safest Rated Baby Ear Protection

best baby noise cancelling headphones At first glance, this Baby Bear infant ear protection looks very stylish — you’d also wish to own one too. Designed for infants and babies up to 3 months old, this brand is the safest rated baby ear protection. It claims to provide the best protection for your tot’s ears as it can filter sound as low as 29 decibels. If you are taking your toddler to a place where you expect loud noise, such as your workplace, the airport, concerts, cinemas, or parties, these ear muffs would come handy. One problem that you’d likely encounter with this ear muff is that the sizing may not always be accurate. Make sure you bring your baby when buying from a local shop or measure his head’s circumference when buying online.

Em’s 4 Bubs Hearing Protection Baby Earmuffs Size 0-18 Months

Em's 4 Bubs Hearing ProtectionToddlers can be a playful at times and getting the earmuffs in their head can be a challenge. Em’s 4 Bubs Hearing Protection Baby Earmuffs attempts to solve this perennial problem. Its design uses a one-size adjustable head band that guarantees the baby earmuffs fit your baby’s head properly. Don’t worry about the elastic band as it is not very constricting. The pressure is evenly distributed throughout the skull thus avoiding undue stress on any single part of the moldable skull. It is also very compact and lightweight that your baby won’t even think they’re wearing one. It is capable of filtering 22 decibel of noise. And because of its good noise cancelling feature, it can be used in different settings such as public spaces, concerts, sporting events and even in race tracks.

However, some kids may not feel comfortable wearing a headband. So, it would be great if you get them used with the casual baby headbands before having them use this type of earmuff.

Little Llama Ear Muffs

Little Llama Ear Muffs for Babies With the Little Llama Ear Muffs, there’s no need to worry about noise harming your kid. This ear muff has a noise reduction rating of 28.7 decibels for guaranteed noise reduction. The adjustable size of these earmuffs makes it a great pick for toddlers up to 4 years old. It is designed to have a unique curved plastic headband that reduces the amount of pressure on your baby’s growing skull. That’s very important as undue pressure can cause headache, not to mention, brain developmental issues. This is a better design compared to other ear muffs that come with metal wire frames. Plus, it gets a lifetime warranty – that speaks a lot about the quality of this ear muffs, right?

Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs

Snug Safe n Sound Kids EarmuffsIf your baby is 6 months or older, you can go for the Snug Safe n Sound Earmuffs. These earmuffs are made of very comfortable materials. It designed to be fully adjustable so it fits into your baby’s head for superior noise protection. With its high noise reduction rating, it can be used for different settings and noise levels. Moreover, parents won’t have a difficult time carrying this earmuff because it can fold into the smallest size possible. The manufacturers are very confident about the durability of this product that they’re giving a 5 year limited warranty. Now, that’s something, isn’t it?

Baby Banz Earmuffs and Infant Hearing Protection and Sunglasses Combo

Baby Banz Earmuffs and Infant Hearing ProtectionTalk about maximum protection, the Baby Banz Earmuffs and Sunglasses Combo is a 2-in-1 protection for your baby’s eyes and ears. The earmuffs gets an impressive noise reduction rating of 31 db which means it can effectively tone down harmful loud noise without completely blocking ambient sounds. It is designed with a headband and is very easy to wear. The foam filled padding doesn’t squeeze on your baby’s head and ensures maximum comfort.

Aside from getting protection for your baby’s ears, it is also packaged with Baby Banz Adventure Sunglasses for maximum eye protection. Made of hypoallergenic rubber material, the neoprene strap won’t cause skin irritation while maintaining comfort and flexibility. The sunglasses have a category 3 UV light protection which means it prevents sun damage on your baby’s eyes.

Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff(Item model number: EMBUSA)

Baby Banz Infant Hearing ProtectionSpecially intended for newborns and toddlers up to 2 years old, Baby Banz earmuffs are sure to be among the best baby noise cancelling headphones you’ll find the market. At just 6.7 ounces, the Baby Banz Earmuffs is very lightweight and compact – you can slip it into your bag when travelling. Earmuffs from Baby Banz are known for its soft, comfortable padding around the cups. Because of its superior comfort, your baby won’t bother wearing it for long periods when necessary. The headband is intended to keep the earmuff snugly fit over your baby’s ears, but not overly constrictive that it harms your baby’s fragile head. It comes in a variety of colors that boys and girls will love.


The best baby noise cancelling headphones are must have for your kids maximum protection. But while these provide optimum protection, you should avoid overusing them. Your kids do need healthy sensory stimulation as they grow up. It would be great if you have a schedule of quiet time for your baby.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out which of these earmuffs is best suited for your baby. They will surely love having one of these stylish earmuffs while taking a good night’s sleep.