Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection Buying Guide

Best Bluetooth Hearing ProtectionThere are many avocations in life in which ear protection is needed to prevent damage to hearing – surely one of the most critical senses. In addition to ear protection, many of these jobs require the ability to hear and communicate with co-workers; therefore, the Bluetooth hearing protection has been invented. These are some of the best earmuffs which provide Bluetooth technology to any Bluetooth device that is connected to the earmuffs. This provides additional information on the different types of Bluetooth devices and a comparison of the features.


Important Features of the Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection Devices

There are many features that customers should look for in finding the best and most comfortable earmuffs with Bluetooth hearing protectors, including the following:

  • Adjustable Volume – The volume needs to be adjustable without being overly loud that would damage hearing. Most styles have a throttled volume that is limited to 82 decibels to prevent hearing damage that manufacturers design into each model.
  • Auto Shut-Off – The devices should have a feature to shut off after a certain period of inactivity on the device in order to save the battery life.
  • Battery Life – The battery life is critical for the ease of use. Most batteries last up to 40 hours before they need to be changed out, and the batteries should be a common type of battery that is easy to find.
  • Comfort – These devices must be comfortable because of the length of time the hearing protector are going to be worn.
  • Reception – Most devices can have up to 50 radio stations preset into the headset. Look for devices with clear reception.
  • Size – The hearing protectors must be adjustable to fit comfortably over any size head, whether large or small.
  • Voice Assist – This feature is helpful to alert users when a new radio station is selected without having to take the headset off and look at the station, and it alerts when the device is shutting off after a period of inactivity.

Wired or Wireless Devices

There are many choices in selecting the best Bluetooth Hearing Protection devices and one major decision is whether to get a wired or wireless devices. Here are some areas to consider before selecting the device:

FeaturesWired Wireless 
Pros ConsProsCons
Audio QualityMinimal risk of interference
High definition quality
Generally clear without interferenceDepends on distance from the base
Interference from other devices on the same frequency
Battery LifeDoesn’t need batteries Don’t work without directly wired to the source
Batteries usually last up to 30 hours
Up to 40 hours of listening with batteriesRequires batteries
CompatibilityCan connect to most audio devicesGenerally requires a 3.5mm cable to connectCan connect to most audio devicesSome require specific adaptors to connect to the device
PortabilityWired to the base stationCan move around without being constrained
PriceGenerally less expensiveGenerally more expensive

Comparison of the Best Bluetooth Hearing Protectors

The following provides a comparison of the best Bluetooth hearing protectors:

ION Audio Tough Sounds Hearing Protection Headphones


ION Audio Tough Sounds Hearing Protection HeadphonesThis is a great model that is comfortable and allows two way communications, as well as the ability to stream music from a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a tablet or smartphone. It reduces noise by 25 decibels to protect the ears from exposure to loud damaging sounds. It comes with 20 presets on the AM/RM radio and allows the user to answer calls via the Bluetooth with a multi-function button and a microphone that is built-in.

Customers liked this brand of headphone because they are very easy to connect to the smartphone and do a good job of eliminating ambient noise. These customers also stated they are great for eliminating loud noises that damage hearing.

Customers who stated they don’t recommend this model said that the sound quality is not as good and a couple stated that the headband was too small. In addition it doesn’t come with a charger

Dylan Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones


Dylan Bluetooth 4.1 HeadphonesThe Dylan Bluetooth provide an excellent level of hearing protection because they protect from loud damaging noises. This model is designed with an advanced CSR Bluetooth 4.1 chip that improves latency, allows for clearer calls, and provides a faster connection than many other models on the market. The batter for this model provides up to 20 hours of playing time and up to 500 hours of standby time, which is great for listening to music.

Customers loved the great stereo sound and clarity of the deep bass and crisp treble notes. It is light weight, weighing only 9.3 ounces and easy to store. Several stated that the earbuds are very comfortable and can be easily worn with jewelry or glasses.

A couple of customers complained that these earbuds are not the best quality because it’s difficult to hear the other person when on a phone call and frequently readjust them.

3M WorkTunes Wireless Hearing Protector (90542-3DC)


3M WorkTunes Wireless Hearing Protector (90542-3DC)When protecting the ears is essential due to extreme noise levels, this 3m WorkTunes Hearing Protector has some excellent features. With volume control that maintains safe levels to prevent damage to hearing yet provides audio assist technology to listen to AM/FM radio with clear sound quality. It requires two 1.5AA batteries, which are very easy to find and insert, and allows storage of up to 50 stations. It is lightweight, weighing only 1.3 pounds and are designed with a comfortable earmuff that fits well and is easy to use with a Bluetooth device.

Customer loved this model because it identifies the radio station that it is set to, and finding another station is much easier. They also stated that the hearing protection for this model is really good and does a great job of eliminating loud noise.

At the time of this writing, there are no complaints about this model.

Walker’s Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic Muff


Walker's Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic MuffFor a top of the line global mobile system, this is one of the highest rated ear muffs for reducing sound and doing it very well. This model is slim and easily fit considering they were designed to have a low profile without compromising protection of the ears. This model has a noise reduction rating of 23dB, and the Walkers fit headband is comfortable when worn for long periods of time. This model weighs one pound and features automatic shut-off after an inactive period and runs on two AAA batteries.

Customers commented that these are exceptional to protect hearing from the constant booming of loud noises, such as on a gun range, or around aircraft.   The batteries are each to change and they are very comfortable to wear.

The main complaint from customers was that they don’t always fit head sizes, and they aren’t always comfortable for larger sized ears.

3M 90543-4DC WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector


3M 90543-4DCFor consumer who prefer a noise reduction rating of at least 24dB, or higher, this WorkTunes model by EM is a great choice. It is designed with 40mm high fidelity speakers which provide the highest in sound quality. There is a one-button interface that eliminates having to remove the headsets to answer calls or change stations. The battery is built-in, and is rechargeable, and the recharging cord is included. The headband is comfortable and the ear muff are designed with excellent cushioning for those requiring extended wear and it weighs a mere 15.5 ounces.

Customer loved this model ear muff because it is well built and does a great job blocking the sounds and particularly handy because it can be paired with a Bluetooth in order to answer the phone or listen to music. It also filters out all local noise.

Currently, there are no complaints about this 3M model.


Protecting the hearing is a necessity for everyone exposed to loud noises and the convenience of answering the phone or listening to the radio is a great benefit of these Bluetooth Hearing Protection devices.

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