Best Double Hearing Protection Devices

Our surroundings are replete with threats that may harm our senses, especially the sense of hearing. Exposure to extreme noise levels has known to cause hearing impairment or worst, hearing loss. In fact, it’s not uncommon to face situations and environments where double hearing protection becomes necessary.

What is double hearing protection?

Individuals whose occupation exposes them to unhealthy noise levels are especially at risk. Airport ground staff, mining industry laborers and construction workers are most vulnerable to hearing problems due to the nature of their job. Every day, they are exposed to noise produced by large working engines, loud construction tools, etc. Employers and employees alike should take responsibility of staying healthy.

Hearing protection devices are of great help in preventing hearing problems. However, if you are in any of these occupations, you definitely need to have double hearing protection.

Majority of Hearing Protection Devices (HPD) are designed to lessen the level of noise upon reaching the eardrums. In environments with normal noise cases, a simple hearing protection device is sufficient but settings with extreme noise levels entail the use of a tougher hearing protection. Double hearing protection becomes a necessity in such instances.

When is double hearing protection required?

In places where the noise level is beyond 85 decibels (dB), wearing at least one hearing protective device is highly recommended. But in instances where the noise level reaches or exceeds 100 decibels (dB), use of double hearing protection is warranted. A double hearing protection is simply the use of two different hearing protection devices at the same time.

Hearing protection devices come in various forms and sizes, ear plugs are the most commonly used type of hearing protection device. A lot of people make use of earplugs for hearing protection since they are very accessible and easy to use. There are only two types of earplugs to choose from; the reusable earplugs and the disposable ones. Usually made of silicone or in a flanged form, reusable earplugs are designed to be used long-term. Reusable earplugs can be designed in a way that best fulfills the need of its user. Made of foam, disposable hearing protection need to be compressed before it is inserted to the ear canal. Its material automatically expands once inside the ear canal for it to be sealed. Each pair of disposable earplugs may only be used once.

How much double hearing protection do you get with this combination?

When choosing protection ear plugs, the most significant detail to be considered is the noise reduction rate (NRR). NRR is double hearing protectionthe term used in specifying the level of sound that the earplugs are able to deterwhen used alone. Earplugs with high NRR offer the best hearing protection. A normal disposable protection earplug hold an NRR around 20s, but the highest NRR an earplug can have is 33. Meanwhile, High NRR Blank Foam Ear plugs offer the best hearing protection. These High NRR Foam Ear Plugs provide optimum hearing protection that can be used in different noisy environments.

High NRR Foam Ear Plugs enable excellent noise reduction because of its genius design — its T-shape accounts for its perfect fit with the ears. With foam ear plugs, there are no worries of fixing and repositioning the earplugs from time to time. It can easily be put into the ears and it can easily be removed from the ears as well. High NRR earplugs are made of low-pressure polyurethane foam, which is very gentle to the skin, which is very beneficial, especially that the skin at the inner part of the ears is sensitive. The said foam provides comfort while worn, making it idyllic for several hours of use. Polyurethane foam is also smooth and it prevents dirt build-up. Usually, these earplugs come in packages of 200 pairs of earplugs.

ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing ProtectionIn many instances, noise is just too much to handle that High NRR Foam Ear Plugs are not enough. Using Noise reduction earmuffs along with NRR foam ear plugs offers an easy way out. By combining these two powerful noise reduction technologies, you can protect your sense of hearing and maintain your sanity.

Using High NRR Foam Ear Plugs along with noise reduction earmuffs creates a collective effect ranging from 4 decibels (dB) to 8 decibels (dB) of noise reduction, given that all hearing protection devices are manufactured with 4 to 8 decibels (dB) boost in hearing shield past standard parameters. Explaining further, 4 to 8 decibel units may appear to be minute but this measure technically yields a harmful noise reduction up to 85%. 85% noise reduction is of big value in preventing the occurrence of hearing problems, hearing loss and even other harmful effects caused by too much noise.

In instances where double hearing protection, you should highly consider combining High NRR Foam Ear Plugs and Noise Reduction Earmuffs. Together, they guarantee maximum protection for your ears.


The sense of sight allows visual appreciation of the world, the sense of touch enables actual physical feeling, the sense of smell permits access of scents, the sense of taste facilitates entree of flavor, and the sense of hearing consents the beauty of sound. All these five senses are essentially purposeful in a man’s everyday life and there is much importance in taking good care of each of these senses.

The sense of hearing is no less. Having a good sense of hearing allows us to maintain our social relationships through effective communication. It allows us to perform our duties and everyday lives.