Best Earplugs For Swimming

If you swim often or are usually in a noisy environment, it is imperative that you get yourself a pair of best earplugs for swimming for ear protection. When your ears are constantly exposed to a noisy environment or you have water entering your ears, you could be a candidate for ear damage, which could impact your hearing.

You could easily get swimmer’s ear, a condition that you would not want. This outer ear infection got from exposing your ears to water can be seen from the outside of the ear. To prevent this condition, use earplugs for swimming to prevent swimmer’s ear.

5 Best earplugs for swimming

Here are the top five ear plugs for swimming. Choose from among them to be safe from all water-related conditions:

  1. World’s Finest Ear Plug—(12-pairs)

These ear plugs are soft and moldable. They block out sounds of snoring and loud machinery and seal water 100%. They arebest earplugs for swimming reusable and are excellent for companions of loud snorers, and for swimmers, travellers and hunters. It has the highest rating for noise reduction.

These ear plugs are made of filtered beeswax, pure lanolin, corn starch, sterile cotton, grapefruit and seed extract.


  • They do not exert as much pressure on the ears as foam plugs, so they are more comfortable to go to bed with.
  • They are made of beeswax, which is cleaner than synthetic wax.


  • If the seal isn’t good enough, it could separate from the ear wall. If this happens, you hear the noise around you again.

2. Doc’s ProPlugs

Popularly known as the official ear plugs of the USSF National Surf Team, Doc’s ProPlugs are made of silicon that do not Docs's Pro Plugshamper the ear canal. Their superior design and material make physicians recommend it with confidence. Doc’s Pro Ear Plugs are made of soft hypoallergenic material that affords extended comfort without any irritation in the ears. Its patented design provides an impermeable seal that swimmers and bathers will find advantageous. And lastly, it is both non-invasive and affordable.

These ear plugs fit exactly inside the auricle so that the ear receives total protection. Besides, there isn’t any sticky putty that each ear could lose. These ear plugs are also designed to prevent surfer’s ear or exostotis, that could lead to deafness and is expensive surgery too.

For professional or casual surfers, these ear plugs are critical. Without wearing these ear plugs, it is easy to develop surfer’s ear which could mean drilling the ears of excessive water. These are the only ear plugs in the market that do not break up ear wax or hamper the ear canal.


  • These ear plugs are perfect for water sports like snorkelling and scuba diving.
  • Once you have the right size, they stay firmly in the ears.
  • They help the ears equalize when under water.
  • Users can choose from a large range of sizes and find the perfect ear fit.
  • It is made with swimmers and water sports buffs in mind.
  • It combats swimmer’s ear and other middle ear infections.
  • It comes in eight sizes that provide lifetime protection to the ears.


  • Since they are made of clear foam, they are not easy to find and get lost easily.
  • So, it would be better to have colored ones.
  • The string isn’t strong enough.
  • The product description says it comes with a leash but it doesn’t.
  1. Macks Soft Flanged Aqua Block Earplug Purple 2 Pairs

These ear plugs are made of silicone and are pre-molded flanged earplugs. They are specially designed to be extremelyMacks Soft Flanged Aqua Block Earplug comfortable and safe when worn in water. Their unique triple flange provides a tailor-made fit which gives better sealing ability and enhanced comfort to the wearer. These ear plugs are so designed that the wearer is protected from swimmer’s and surfer’s ear. They are both washable and reusable for further use.


  • They are easy to wear.
  • They are comfortable in the ears and do not cause any ear irritation.
  • They are also easy to remove.
  • They stay in place while you swim for about 45 minutes.


  • There are times when these ear plugs admit a little air and one can hear a popping sound each time the head goes in water
  • An extra ring, 4 would be appreciated instead of 3
  1. Medical Grade Doc’s Pro Ear Plugs- Non Vented, Blue

ProPlugs are used in plenty these days to protect children. Once ventilation tube operations are performed on the ears, it’sMedical Grade Doc's Pro Ear Plugs common for shampoo and soap to reduce surface tension and let dirty water enter through the ventilation tubes, thereby causing infection to the middle ear. However, anyone wearing these ear plugs will be safeguarded from such infection.


  • It is made of a hypoallergenic substance called Kraton, which is responsible for an impervious seal.
  • It is highly recommended by ENT physicians.
  • It is meant to be non-invasive and affordable.


  • The seal is not perfect, so these ear plugs are not ideal for diving.
  • These ear plugs give ear infections with the ear tubes in.
  1. The Ear Buddy Premium Soft Foam Ear Plugs, NRR 32 Decibels, 50 Pairs

When you invest in 50 pairs of these super soft and highly comfortable polyurethane foam ear plugs, you get the mostThe Ear Buddy Premium Soft Foam Ear Plugs comfortable fit for your ears. So, you can sleep with them as much as you can go swimming with them too in total peace and quiet. They come with the highest noise reduction rating of 32 decibels, so you can trust them all the way. And, they are guaranteed not to fall out of your ears. Despite this, in case you aren’t satisfied with your ear plugs, you can send them back within 60 days for a full refund.


  • Easy to wear and are so comfortable in the ears that you don’t know you’re wearing ear plugs
  • They provide the perfect fit
  • They are reusable


  • They claim to block out all noise but do not do so. They only reduce noise levels to the point that they aren’t noticeable.

How to choose best earplugs for swimming

If you’re in the market for ear plugs, you will come across a range of brands and styles intended for specific uses. Take some time to think about the ones that will suit you best before you buy. We make it easy for you by giving you the main factors which will help you decide which ones to go with:

  • Decide the kind of ear plugs you need: The three types of swimming earplugs are custom swim plugs, moldable ear plugs and cone plugs. The first of these are customized when you go to an ENT doctor and have your ear’s mold taken. The second type of ear plugs are made of silicone or wax and are moulded to the curvature of your ear. The third type, though inexpensive, do not fit all ears.
  • Ease of use: Try out ear plugs to see if they are easy to wear and remove. See if they stay firmly in your ears or if they fall out when used. Can you find them if they are lost or do they get lost because of their colourlessness?
  • Comfort: Do they sit comfortably in your ears or do you get an itch every time you wear them? Are they hypoallergenic? You need to be comfortable wearing them, so be very sure about this before buying.
  • Effectiveness: Do they keep water out effectively? If they don’t, move on to another brand.
  • Corded vs. Uncorded: Though the corded type is better because it will prevent being lost, yet it might compromise your comfort. They may also prevent any water-related activity like swimming that you might undertake.
  • Accessories: You might like to get yourself a swimming ear band for extra protection. It can act as another protective layer for your ears. You need to wear them around your head and settle them on your ears so that water does not enter your ear canal.
  • Cost: You also need to consider whether you want reusable ear plugs or disposable ones. The former are a little expensive but well worth it in the long run. Also, find out if the ear plugs you choose are washable and come with a carrying case. To get the most value for your money, ask if they are sold as bulk packages.


It’s important to do all you can to keep yourself safe, particularly when in the water. If it means wearing ear plugs, go ahead and wear them. And while you’re choosing them, ensure they are the best for you.