Best Hearing Protection For Construction


Construction sites are usually associated with louder than bearable noise levels which often are transient situations where different kinds of professionals come into play for short periods of time. When construction workers are exposed to such noise levels continuously, they lose their sense of hearing, among other problems.

Best Hearing Protection For Construction

Why should construction workers wear hearing protection?

Exposure to high noise levels can cause construction workers their hearing capacity, something that neither surgery nor a good hearing aid can correct. There are many noisy operations at work at construction sites which can lower the productivity of workers here. Lowered productivity due to loud sounds can lead to accidents at the workplace if workers are unable to hear the warning sirens.

Loud noise that limits workers’ hearing can also lead to loss of hearing high frequencies, understanding the speech of those around workers and lowers their ability to speak to others and ultimately cause social isolation. Socializing with co-workers can also result from hearing loss.

What is the noise level in construction sites?

Normally, the standard of acceptable noise levels at construction sites is 85 dB(A) over an eight-hour period, or 140 dB(C) at peak noise level. When these levels are exceeded, employers of construction sites should employ measures to reduce them to acceptable levels.

Here are the best hearing protection for construction workers that can be used to improve their situation:

  1. Decibullz – Custom Molded Earplugs

Decibullz - Custom Molded EarplugsThese custom molded earplugs can easily be fitted to the shape of anyone’s ears, thereby using earplugs that don’t hurt or fall out but provide the best level of noise isolation.

Before wearing them, the user is asked to heat the earplugs in hot water and cool them before shaping them inside the ear. These earplugs are perfect for working, loud concerts, shooting and working. Along with this purchase, buyers also get two Decibullz thermoplastic custom molds, three sets of triple flange tips–S, M, L, one set of Max Protect MEDIUM Foam Tips and a earplug carrying pouch with the Decibullz logo.


  • For shooters at competition level, this is an excellent product. They can wear these earplugs for seven hours consecutively during a pistol and rifle match.
  • These earplugs are easy to mould and fit.
  • They are excellent for use at firing ranges.
  • They are so comfortable that users forget that their ears are fitted with them. 


  • These earplugs are overpriced and are not commensurate with the quality.
  • The plastic used is very thin.
  • They aren’t comfortable in the ear when inserting or removing them.
  • When users wear them while sleeping, the plastic hurts the ears.
  1. 3 Sixty Safety Ear Muffs + Free Ear Plug Kit, Best Hearing Protection for Firearm Shooting, Construction Noise Reduction

3 Sixty Safety Ear MuffsThese ear muffs are conveniently and thoughtfully designed to be of the over-the-head type that would suit children and adults. Their swivel design gives a comfortable fit. Once worn at a concert, range or work site, the user is protected from loud noise in the vicinity.

By wearing these ear muffs regularly, the risk of permanent damage to the ears is eliminated. This product can be safely bought because it is an Industrial Grade Products built to provide the safest work or play environment. It is American National Standards Institute (ANSI) certified for quality and CE EN 352-1 – European Committee for Standardization. It comes with a free ear plug carrying case and a three-year warranty.


  • It is built with the user’s convenience and comfort in mind.
  • It is certified for quality and health and safety of the user.
  • It can be safely worn to loud workplaces such as construction sites, concerts or to work.


  • It is very tight and causes ear pain.
  • The sound protection offered by these ear muffs don’t compare with those of snug-fitting ear plugs.
  • These ear muffs do not rest on the neck, thereby hindering movement.
  1. 3M Peltor H10A Optime 105 Earmuff

3M Peltor H10A Optime 105 EarmuffThese earmuffs have a noise reduction rating of 30dB–the highest in the market today. They can easily cancel many of the loudest sounds like shotguns and high-powered magnums. The level of noise reduction offered by these earmuffs depend on how the user positions the cups.

They give a superb fit and comfort and excellent hearing protection against noise. They are fully adjustable and have a stainless steel headband that aligns the ear cups with the ears. Their patented twin-cup design uses liquid material that offers excellent comfort and maximum noise reduction.

For professional shooters at the firing range or those who need noise reduction protection, these earmuffs are perfect. They are as comfortable as their price which cancels out sounds without hurting your ears.


  • They are comfortably priced.
  • They have premium quality noise reduction features.


  • They are heavy on the ear.
  • They aren’t made for people with large heads as they won’t get the right balance, but are ideal for kids and women.
  • The materials used are cheap plastic, thereby not rendering them sturdy or durable.
  • There is little or no ventilation here and the unit gets overheated soon.
  1. 3M Peltor X-Series Over-the-Head Earmuffs

3M Peltor X-Series Over-the-Head EarmuffsTo eliminate low-level industrial noises and other kinds of loud sounds, the 3M Peltor X-Series earmuffs is ideal. They are lightweight and have a dielectric headband. The twin wire headband provides consistent pressure for prolonged periods of wear and helps reduce the build-up of heat by providing a good and snug fit and very good balance. For maximum comfort, this pair of earmuffs comes with pivot points that tilt. It has replaceable foam liners and ear cushions made of polyurethane foam. Its noise reduction rate is 22 dB and it functions as an over-the-head style of earmuffs. Its weight is 0.4 kg. These earmuffs are so versatile that they can be used in a spectrum of industries such as automotive, construction, chemical manufacture, pharma industries, woodworking, printing, airports, foundries, textiles manufacture, mining, steelworks and quarrying.


  • They are ideal for wearing at an indoor gun range or while studying.
  • These earmuffs are very comfortable and offer a high level of noise protection.
  • They are well-made and have excellent memory foam ear pads.
  • It has a streamlined shape and is durable.


  • Users complained of the ill-fitting earmuffs that wouldn’t fit well over small ears.
  • Not advisable to wear to the casino or where loud music is played.
  • They cannot be worn over long periods of time.
  • They do not drown out sounds like phone conversations around the user.
  1. Homitt Sound Ear Muffs Hearing Protection Ear Defenders with Noise Cancelling Technology for Shooting, Hunting, Working or Construction – Black

Homitt Sound Ear Muffs Hearing ProtectionThis pair of earmuffs are made with high quality technology and are certified by US ANSI S3.19 and EU CE EN352.1. They form double shell cups and soft foam that get rid of all surrounding noise. With SNR technology, it can eliminate sounds that reach a maximum of 34dB. They are ideal for shooting, construction, working, studying and music.

These earmuffs come with adjustable padded headbands and 360 degree swivel ear cups that can fit the ears of kids and adults. Each ear cover comes with memory foam padding of not more than 0.5″ which seal off sounds and offer great comfort. Their lightweight design and compact size encourage users to carry them wherever they go, without adding extra weight. These earmuffs can protect one’s hearing, get rid of surrounding noise and encourage users to work on construction sites, study or go about their normal work. These earmuffs are designed to protect the user’s ears from high level noise.


  • Hommit sound ear muffs provide excellent ear protection when worn at a rifle range.
  • They are easy to adjust and are comfortable.
  • They prevent ringing in the ears and are compact and efficient.


  • These earmuffs are very narrow for practical use. The space between the two earmuffs is too small for adult wear or even for kids.
  • They are bulky on the ears and the user feels hot and sweaty while wearing it even for short periods.


If you need to wear the best hearing protection for construction while on the job, you can easily make your selection from the models listed above.

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