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Best Hearing Protection for Duck Hunting 2020

When it comes to hunting, you need to have a keen sense of hearing. Take a look at wild animals hunting their prey. They intently stalk their game using all their sensesuntil an opportunity to assault is there. The same is true with hunting. ...Read More

Which Are The Highest NRR Electronic Earmuffs?

Thanks to technological advancement in the shooting and hunting industries, shooters and hunters can protect their hearing by using electronic ear muffs. These highly advanced hearing protection devices are similar to the headphones of stereos but are meant to protect their ears from long-term ...Read More

7 Best Aviation Headsets for Pilots

Pilots wear aviation headsets to reduce the noise levels in the surroundings when in an aircraft. This includes noise from the blade, airflow and engine. If pilots and passengers don’t use hearing protection in a non-pressurized aircraft, they could end up with hearing loss. ...Read More

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sleeping

What could be more horrible than trying to sleep through noise? I guess everyone has had the same terrible experience. Perhaps, it’s your unashamedly loud neighbors or noisy vehicles passing-by or your partner’s snoring problems that makes sleep difficult. For these loud occasions, when ...Read More

5 Best Hearing Protection With Radio

These days, the best radio headphones are the AM/FM headphones and are absolutely cool to use and have fun with. There are still many people out there who love listening to local radio stations, so for them this piece of gadgetry is absolutely awesome. ...Read More

Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection Buying Guide

There are many avocations in life in which ear protection is needed to prevent damage to hearing – surely one of the most critical senses. In addition to ear protection, many of these jobs require the ability to hear and communicate with co-workers; therefore, ...Read More

What Are The Benefits Of Electronic Hearing Protection?

Technological advancement in the hunting industry has thrown up many useful devices, one of which is the electronic hearing protection device. These are chiefly used in hunting and at the shooting range. Though highly advanced, they are priced affordably. These devices are similar to ...Read More

Best Ear Warmers for Running

Since the ears are one of the most exposed parts of the body, they are highly sensitive to wind and cold. In addition, they are made of a very thin cartilage which means they can be easily injured in a fall and infections can ...Read More

Top 10 Best Ear Muffs for Hearing Protection

We are used to hearing everyday sounds – people talking, loud music, pets barking, home equipment, digital gadgets, industrial machines, the traffic and so much more. We have become so accustomed with noise that we seem to peacefully coexist with this unnatural fact. Many ...Read More