Which Are The Highest NRR Electronic Earmuffs?

Thanks to technological advancement in the shooting and hunting industries, shooters and hunters can protect their hearing by using electronic ear muffs. These highly advanced hearing protection devices are similar to the headphones of stereos but are meant to protect their ears from long-term damage that loud noise causes.

Why do we need electronic earmuffs

Electronics help reduce loud volumes causing damage, thereby reducing unwanted noise levels and providing the user with better sound quality delivered right into his ears. NRR electronic ear muffs are precision-based, easy to wear and maintain, durable and affordably-priced.

About electronic NRR ratings:

All hearing protection is measured in decibels (dB), which is a Noise Reduction Rating. Generally, hearing protection for small calibre arms is 20 while long guns and standard handguns don’t exceed 25dB. Indoor shooting and magnum arms need a NRR ranging between 28 and 33.

For indoor shooting, double the hearing protection levels by using both ear plugs and muffs, especially if using big guns. The advantage here is that electronic muffs come with a battery life of about 500 hours!!

Why buy NRR electronic ear muffs

Here are some salient reasons for using NRR electronic ear muffs:

    • To check the performance of ear muffs, it helps to compare the Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) or the ability of a pair of ear muffs to block out sound. From this guideline, the user can tell how much protection he will receive from wearing these ear muffs.
    • Their mics are on the outside of the muffs. So, they pick up sounds, enlarge them and deliver them right into the shooter’s ears by electronic means.
    • They have standard ear cups with foam that absorbs sound, so even if the battery dies, the shooter’s hearing capacity will not be affected.
    • With advanced amplifier technology, sound compression is possible. This means that shooters can hear all ambient sounds, but when he hears a loud sound, the ear muffs block it by bringing it down to a low volume.
    • The user can keep his muffs on while speaking to others.
    • Now, ear muffs come with several mics that enable users to identify the direction of the sound.
    • Electronic ear muffs not only amplify the slightest sounds but filter out loud sounds, for example, gun shots.
    • Users tend to hear more ambient sounds such as range commands, cues for better communication and feedback.
    • With Bluetooth connection, shooters can remain connected to the external world while pursuing their passion of shooting.

Advantages of using electronic ear muffs

Electronic ear muffs present several advantages that include:

      • They block out a lot of noise with NRRs ranging from 22dB to 31dB
      • They are easy to wear and remove
      • You can choose the shape, functions and colours of ear muffs that you want
      • They are hygienic as they do not enter the ear canal
      • They are re-usable
      • Being large, you can’t lose them
      • They are durable and their specific parts can be replaced

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Electronic NRR ear muffs protect workers at construction sites, factories and miners, apart from hunters and shooters whose work environments pervade with loud noise.

Precautions while selecting a good pair of electronic ear muffs

Here are certain precautions users should take while selecting electronic ear muffs:

      • By investing in a pair of electronic ear muffs, don’t assume that if it has the highest NRR, it’s the best for you.
      • If you’re overprotected, it can make you incapable of hearing sounds and you may be forced to take them off each time you want to enter into a conversation with colleagues through the day.
      • If you take off your hearing protection for the briefest moments a day, it could affect your NRR. After all, the best hearing protection is the one you wear for the longest period.

Noise protection tips you could use

By wearing high quality electronic ear muffs, you can protect your hearing and your ears. Here are some tips that you can use while wearing electronic ear muffs:

      • Steer clear of loud environments: Whether you’re a construction worker, a jackhammer or a regular at a concert, you should steer clear of these environments as being here regularly can damage your hearing permanently. This can also happen in areas of loud work, such as where machinery or large vehicles are used.
      • Don’t use any object to plug your ear canal: Don’t substitute ear muffs for plugging your ears with things like cotton swabs, or stick-type devices. These could damage your eardrum and cause a build-up of wax further down your ear canal.

Best NRR for various purposes: Here are the  highest NRR electronic earmuffs in different categories:

      • For general purposes: 25dB or more
      • For indoor shooting: between 28dB and 33dB
      • For outdoor shooting: 24dB
      • For light calibre firearms: 22dB

Highest NRR Electronic Earmuffs Reviews

Let’s review the top five ear muffs available in markets today:

highest NRR electronic earmuffsThese ear muffs let you listen to your fave AM/FM stations while affording 25dB noise protection. It is used at work and at the race track. It comes with 10 pre-set stations, bright green ear cups and a reflective headband for high visibility in terms of safety and contrast. With Patented Air Flow Technology, users get the highest attenuation from all noise frequencies. It can be used in bad weather and low light; it is lightweight and is used across industries like aviation, farming, construction, steel, military and others.


      • It separates ambient sound effectively
      • It is well-built with strong material
      • Its audio performance is good


      • The cord provided is insufficient in the phone

G & F 34 dB Highest NRR Safety Ear Muffs for ShootingThese ear muffs come with the highest NRR for shooters, concerts, fireworks, festivals and sports events. So, users get the maximum ear protection when they wear these. It is compact in size and design, has a headband that fits well for everyone and high sealing solid cup design that allow users to wear them for long periods. They are durable since they are made out of industrial grade materials.


      • These ear muffs are comfortable to wear, made of flexible material and are well-padded for long-hours of wearing.
      • It provides sound reduction to a large extent.

3M Peltor Optime 105 Over the Head Earmuff, Ear Protectors, Hearing Protection, NRR 30 dBThese ear muffs get all the hearing protection they offer users due to double-shell technology. The double-shell refers to its ear cup design which increases noise reduction through the entire range of high and low frequencies. These ear muffs are particularly effective in environments where noise reaches 105 dBA. Their stainless steel headband is durable enough to prevent warping and bending, while also distributing weight in case of a low-pressure fit. The ear muffs are fitted with soft foam cushions that provide enough comfort against the head to block out noise.


      • The ear muffs are made of solid materials.
      • The black rims that act as the seal are extremely comfortable.


      • Very uncomfortable and does not block much noise

Stanley Sync Digital AM:FM:MP3 Radio Earmuff (RST-63012)These ear muffs can easily connect to a mobile phone or any other listening device and to an MP3 player for hi-fi sound quality, as good as in professional headphones. Due to its Volume Management Technology, sound levels reaching the user’s ears are at a manageable level. It breaks down noise using its Air Flow Control Technology. The Stanley Sync Radio Hearing Protector presents a maximum of 10 radio stations and an NRR of 25 dB in a pair of electronic earmuffs.


      • 12 preset radio stations are available loud and clear to the user whether indoors or outdoors
      • The volume can get louder but not ear-splitting


      • Since the instruction manual is stuffed between two cardboard pieces in the packaging, it could well be missed
      • The operating system is not intuitive

Champion Pink Electronic Ear MuffsThese ear muffs are made of the finest high quality materials. They are ideally suited as hunting range gear muffs for hearing protection. These muffs are available in electronic and standard models. They reduce noise so that the user’s ears are well-protected, they can be stored away easily as they are collapsible and can be adjusted to fit well. They can protect the ears against harsh noise to an extent of 25dB.


      • They fit well and the amplification is superb.
      • The noise cancellation feature also works well.
      • These ear muffs work well for indoor ranges.


      • These ear muffs amplify the sound instead of muffling it
      • They aren’t comfortable for long-duration wear


Now that you know the pros and cons of wearing highest NRR electronic earmuffs hearing protection and you’ve surveyed the best of the market in this sphere, you can choose your pair of these ear muffs with the greatest care.

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