Top 10 Best Ear Muffs for Hearing Protection

best ear muffs for hearing protectionWe are used to hearing everyday sounds – people talking, loud music, pets barking, home equipment, digital gadgets, industrial machines, the traffic and so much more. We have become so accustomed with noise that we seem to peacefully coexist with this unnatural fact. Many don’t even consider using the best ear muffs for hearing protection. However, when these unwanted sounds keep us from getting a good night’s rest or it gives us a headache, it stops becoming simple noise and starts to become noise pollution.

All of us may be aware of pollution in nature but rarely think of noise pollution. It should be stressed that anything that disrupts the natural rhythm of life is a form of pollution. In the case of noise pollution, it results from an excessive amount of unpleasant sound or noise that results in the disturbance on natural balance.

Sources of Noise Pollution

Modern-day living is inundated with noises that come from these different sources. This is even complicated by an improper urban planning the increases exposure to these unhealthy sounds. Some of the largest contributors and causes of noise pollution are the following:

  1. Industrialization – big machines and heavy equipment such as generators, exhaust fans, air-conditioning units, compressors
  2. Social events – Parties, clubs, discos, function halls, places of worship, concerts, and other entertainment shows
  3. Lack of proper urban planning – congested living spaces, houses near roads or industrial zones, lack of soundproofing
  4. Transportation – vehicle noise, airplanes flying over houses, over-ground and underground trains, especially those near living areas and workplaces
  5. Household chores – home gadgets and equipment that produce sounds such as vacuum cleaners, pressure cooker, mixer grinder, television, audio systems, washing machine, etc.
  6. Construction – construction equipment such as chainsaw and construction activities such as drilling and demolition

For many of us, this form of pollution doesn’t seem to bring any harm, but the sad truth is that constant exposure to noise pollution can have ill effects on one’s well-being. It can result in hearing problems, health issues, cardiovascular illnesses, sleeping disorders, and trouble communicating. These effects may not be apparent at first, but it can eventually take toll in your life.

And while we can do measures to help reduce noise pollution, a lasting solution that would completely eradicate this problem is still inexistent. In the meantime, the only way to do is to protect oneself from its potential adverse effects.

The use of ear muffs and noise cancelling headphones can protect your ears from noise pollution.

Let’s take a look at the top ten best ear muffs for hearing protection:

Howard Leight by Honeywell

best ear muffs for hearing protectionThe Howard Leight Impact Sport Sound Amplification Earmuffs R-01526 is a pair of comfortable earmuffs that provides good noise attenuation and ambient noise amplification to a safe 82 dB. That means you can still listen to important sounds while filtering out unnecessary noise.

It uses a durable non-deforming leatherlette material for its outer headband that can withstand regular use. The stereo microphones are directionally placed to enhance and amplify ambient sounds. It gets a low-profile design that makes it perfect for any purpose, such as for use in industrial workplace or shooting sounds. This earmuff is also equipped with an AUX input that enables it to double as a headphone. Finally, users laud it for its reasonable price.

Noise Cancelling Earmuffs Hearing Protection

Noise Cancelling EarmuffsGreat for children and adults, this noise cancelling earmuff from Snug Safe n Sound guarantees comfort for its users. It fits snuggly over the ears to protect against high decibel noises. The adjustable headband allows it to be very flexible for any age of user. Its high grade noise cancellation technology enables it for use in a variety of settings. It can be used in airports, concerts, workplaces and even in your home.

This earmuff is free from any fancy design or unnecessary fluffs. Its neutral blue color also helps make it suitable for any gender which adds up to this earmuff’s versatility. For sure it is made of quality materials. Its manufacturer’s wouldn’t give it a five-year warranty if its durability isn’t guaranteed.

Snug Safe n Sound Hearing Protectors

Snug Safe n Sound Kids EarmuffsThe Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs for children and adults is the preferred hearing protection for concerts, aircraft noise, sports events, industrial noise, and other noisy environment. It features a lightweight (180 g) construction of high quality material. The adjustable headband allows it to be used by any head size without compromising on its proper fit. Inside the earmuffs are very soft cushions for maximum comfort and continuous use for long periods.

If you are to use this earmuff for hunting, shooting, drilling or other tasks that need undisturbed view, don’t worry because its low profile clam design keeps your view clear. Plus, this earmuff gets the European Safety Standard EN 352-1 that says a lot about its safety.

3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector (90541-4DC)

3M WorkTunes (90541-4DC)The 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector 90541-4DC is an amazing piece of gadget. It’s a hearing protector at the same time a full-pledged headphone that allows you to listen to your favorite music as well as radio station. It features an impressive 24 dB noise reduction rating (NRR), a voice assist program, and comfortable ear cushions. It is also equipped with Bass Boost technology that gives it better performance and sound quality. The Bass Boost options enable you to control the amount of bass so it meets your unique hearing preference. If you like to always wear headphones, don’t fret as this is made of durable materials to prevent breakage. The 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protection is great for job site, workshops, concert, shooting, or just when you want a piece of serenity in your life.

Howard Leight 1030110 Sync Noise-Blocking Stereo Earmuff

Howard Leight 10301100Probably the hippest earmuffs you’ll find in the market, the Howard Leight 10301100 Earmuff looks like the headphones worn by the top DJs. Its black color helps to make it look more modern. It is also laden with amazing electronic features that make it function more than just a pair of simple noise-blocking earmuffs. This earmuff can protect your ears from the noise that a chain saw can produce. But one common complaint with this earmuff is that the fit of this earmuff can be a little uncomfortable. You won’t probably want to use them for long periods.

Howard Leight Electronic Earmuff (R-01902)

Howard Leight Earmuff (R-01902)An alternative to other costly earmuffs, the Howard Leight Impact Pro is a popular earmuff for shooting, industrial related and entertainment related noise. It is capable of dampening noise while amplifying ambient sounds or tunes. It has an audio input where you can plug in your smart phone or an MP3 player to listen to music. With this electronic earmuff, you’re like purchasing a headphone and a hearing protector combined into one. You’ll be surprised too that this exceptional product comes at a reasonable price.

Some of the sought after features of the Impact Pro R-01902 include its 30 NRR, low end sound amplification, and its long battery life. It’s downside, however, is that it can be bulky.

AVANTEK Safety Ear Muffs

AVANTEK Safety Ear MuffsAvantek Safety Ear Muffs offer some amazing features that you’ll find in the market. It has a professional sound insulation comprised of a 7-layer thick material and double-shell sealing technology. It gets an almost sound-proof noise reduction rating of 28 dB and a signal noise ratio of 34 dB. According to Avantek, this earmuff is made of unique synthetic materials that are free of any metals, thereby reducing electrical hazards. Moreover, it is lightweight that guarantees portability. The adjustable headband is designed to suit different head sizes. Meanwhile, its cozy and soft leatherette ear cushions and acoustic foam give you superior comfort.

ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection

ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing ProtectionAvoid hearing problems due to noise pollution with the help of the ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection Ear Muffs. This 31dB NRR earmuffs offer maximum protection for your ears. Designed for use by shooters, hunters and the military, these ear muffs are made of the highest quality materials and durable design. It is comprised of real screws, solid single cup design and 2-layered noise dampening foam. These materials combine to give its impressive NRR. ClearArmor also vouches to its durability as it is engineered to last a long time.

The adjustable head band is carefully padded with synthetic leather for comfort and easy cleaning. Its snug fit design helps to keep the ear muffs on your head, even when doing strenuous tasks or when sweating. And although the design looks very bland and unappealing, you’ll be sure to get an unmatched noise protection with these earmuffs!

Walker’s Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic Muff

Walker's Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic MuffIndependent volume controls, full dynamic range HD speakers for superior sound output, Omni directional microphones, sound dampening composite housing, audio input jack, and a comfortable headband – these are just few of the many features of the Walker’s Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic Muff. This earmuff has an NRR of 23dB and operates on 2 AAA batteries. It is engineered to ensure durability and maximum comfort. The headband gets a metal frame which ensures that it will withstand tough use.

Howard Leight (R-01530)

Howard Leight (R-01530)The Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuff Camo is especially designed for outdoor use, more specifically for shooting hobbyists. The low-profile design of the headband ensures that it doesn’t occupy much of your head and won’t interfere with your view. Moreover, this narrow design keeps it from hitting up against anything around you – that means no problem with the earmuff falling off. It is made of quality

This model is lighter compared with other Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs. In terms of hearing protection, this set of earmuffs gets a better amplification which is four times better than its previous model. It has a 22 dB NR Rating when used in the outdoors but that doesn’t mean it won’t protect your ears indoors. It still does provide an amazing hearing protection. Plus, it has an audio feature that enables you to play MP3 music and directional sound amplification with just two AAA sized batteries.


The harmful effects of noise pollution can happen to anyone. In fact, many are actually experiencing them right now but are just unaware of. Good thing is that there are best ear muffs for hearing protection. Hopefully, the above reviews of the best ear muffs would help you pick the right one!

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