Top 5 Sound Level Meter Reviews

If you are someone who is very particular about noise or get easily distracted by these nuisances, then you should consider owning a sound meter (also known as sound level meter). These easy-to-use gadgets come handy as it can precisely determine the loudness of sounds around you.

There are a lot of different brands and models of sound level meters. Often, comparing and picking the best one can be a challenge. It surely helps to read reviews about these different models.

What is sound level meter?

Sound level meter is also known as noise level meter, decibel meter, decibel reader, or noise dosimeter. As the name suggests, it measures the amount of sound in a room or environment using the decibel unit. Knowing the loudness of sound in a place enables you to protect your hearing from unhealthy sound levels.

Why use sound level meter?

By now, I hope you’re probably aware about the adverse effects of noise to your hearing and overall health. Health experts say that prolonged exposure to loud sounds and noise (above 85 decibels) can lead to hearing impairment or damage. In fact, even the live music industry particularly concert producers use noise dosimeters to measure sound levels which allows them to adjust it to avoid putting at risk its patrons.

Sound level meters are also in place in certain wok environments to protect workers from hearing impairment. For instance, in construction industries, workers need to use hearing protection that is appropriate for the noise level. The noise produced by a jackhammer is not the same as that of heavy equipment, moreover, not all hearing protectors provide the same amount of noise protection. You have to measure the noise level in a given environment and then use the right hearing protection to protect your ears.

What to look for when buying sound level meter?

Not all sound level meters offer the same features and capabilities. Many of these gadgets can measure sound levels ranging from 30 decibels to 130 decibels. But there are also other models and brands that can scoop up minute sound – barely audible to the naked ear.

Another thing to consider is where the device will be used. Some noise level meters are designed for use outdoors while others give optimum reading for enclosed spaces.

Some handheld audio meters can be directly plugged into an audio device. Other handheld sound level meters are equipped with a microphone to gather sound and measure it accurately. Those in the fields of music production, they prefer handheld pluggable device because it directly analyzes the sound emitted. However, these units tend to be more expensive. The price of the device is also a thing to check when choosing noise level meter.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the sound level meter reviews. These are some of the most reliable gadgets that professionals use.

1. BAFX Products® – Decibel Meter / Sound Level Reader – W/ Battery

sound level meter reviewsWhen it comes to sound level meters, you surely don’t want to miss out on the BAFX Products. The range and accuracy of the BAFX sound level reader is notable. It can scoop up sound by as low as 30 decibels and as high as 130 decibels, with a frequency response ranging from 8.5 Hz to 30 Hz. To ensure the accuracy of its readings, the device automatically filters extraneous elements such as wind. This feature makes it a good decibel meter for use in the outdoor. BAFX Decibel Meter is at par with professional noise meters, but costs considerably less.

But on the downside, this device has a lower battery life which can run for only 30 hours with a 9-volt battery. Back-lit display is easy to read and it is also very handy. It is perfect for use in checking noise levels in concerts.

2. Extech 407730 Digital Sound Level Meter 40-130dB

Extech 407730Designed for optimum sensitivity and accuracy, the Extech 407730 Digital Sound Level Meter can measure sound in 0.1 decibel increments and 2 decibels accuracy. Because of its precision, many sound engineers prefer this gadget especially when fine-tuning dynamics. The meter is also capable of recording minimum and maximum volume over time and also displays a visual representation of the sound levels. This handheld digital meter only weighs around half a pound – which makes it very handy. If you’re looking something worth your money, Extech fits the bill.

3. COLEMETER Digital Noise Meter Decibel Meter

COLEMETER Digital Noise MeterIntended to meet the precise sound measurement required by health and industry safety regulators, safety engineers, and sound quality control professionals, the Colemeter Digital Noise Meter guarantees accurate noise measurement. Lightweight and compact, this sound level meter is designed to ensure comfort of its user. The operation is very simple without requiring extensive calibration prior to each use. It can be used in different settings such as construction sites, home, car, office, sound booths, school, and other environments. In terms of readings, this digital noise meter has an impressive range of 30-130 decibels and an accuracy of 1.5 decibels. Better yet, this gadget offers smart energy saving features to ensure long battery life.

4. GoerTek Digital Mini Sound Pressure Level Meter (GM1352)

GoerTek Digital Mini Sound Pressure Level MeterThe first three brands and models definitely are worth your time, but you definitely don’t want to miss out on the GoerTek Digital Mini Sound Pressure Level Meter. With just about the size of your mobile phone, this sound level meter has a remarkable accuracy which can rate sounds around 30 to 130 decibels. It is powered by three AAA batteries which you can easily keep track by checking on the battery level monitor. GoerTek sound level meter has two stand-out features: it’s simple, three-button operation and relatively low price. These two things are among the top reasons why you should consider checking out on this sound level meter. However, it does have one problem – this model might not be suitable in high humidity environments.

Dr. Meter MS20 Digital Sound Level Meter Tester

Dr.meter MS20 Digital Sound Level MeterWhether you’re a professional sound technician or not, Dr. Meter MS20 Digital Sound Level Meter Tester will help you accurately measure sound. Dr. Meter is known in the industry for delivering professional products at just the right price. You can get this sound level meter in just around twenty dollars depending on where you purchase it. Its all-around functionality combined with precision is what you certainly need. It is lightweight and easy to use but you have to be a little careful with handling to prevent damaging the microphone. As the label says, it can measure sound between 30 dBA to 130 dBA range with an accuracy level of 1.5 dB. While it is a good sound level meter for use in measuring overall volume in an enclosed space, it may not scoop sharp noises – something professionals might want. However, if you just want a handy device that can tell you when and how much ear protection an environment requires, this one should be all you need.

Final Thoughts

You surely don’t want to lose your hearing. With all the available sound level meters in the market, protecting your hearing from unhealthy sound levels should not be difficult. Know how much noise you are being subjected to every day. That’s the only way to know how much ear protection you’ll need.